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Dog Services in Plymouth, Massachusetts!

Dog Walker in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Group Hiking:

 Does your pup need to burn off some extra energy or would like more adventures in their life? Then our group hikes will be perfect! Group hikes are the perfect way for dogs to socialize in a pack mentality. I try to keep the same group of dogs together so they can get to know one another personalities! Sometimes not all personalities match up and that's okay.  

 Our group hikes are done on Saturdays and are an hour long. (If you would like a two-hour hike done that can be discussed) I have three time slots, 8am to 9am 11am to 12pm and then 1pm to 2pm. 

 All dogs are to be on leash unless properly trained either by owner or if aloud by me with an ecollar. This is all for safety of the dogs, me and anyone else on the trail. 

 Our group hikes are very structured so that everyone is to remain safe and happy! My goal is to help teach your dog the joys of having freedom but also enrich their lives with mental and physical exercise!

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