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Dog Walker in Plymouth, Massachusetts
About The Dog Walkah

 Do you live in Plymouth, MA and your dog needs someone to take them out for a good long walk to burn off some of that extra energy? Or maybe your dog needs more mental stimulation in their life? You don't want just any dog walker but rather someone who understands the dog world and just what they need!
 Here at The Dog Walkah I am a licensed, bonded and insured family-owned dog walking company with almost 10 years of experience working with dogs!
 I treasure seeing your pups happy, healthy and having fun! We like to incorporate proper "Dog Walking Etiquette" during hikes.  This helps to make sure everyone can have a fun time and also keep everyone safe. 
  All breeds are welcome! Don't think your dog is too big or too small! We walk them all!

About the Owner Angelina Pugsley

   Since I was young, I have always had a passion to work with animals. Starting in 2013 I was fortunate enough to be able to work as a dog walker at Boston K9 Concierge.          

 Under the guidance of Vivian Zottola (the owner) she helped teach me to not just "walk dogs" but opened my eyes to the dog world!         From learning basic dog walking skills, dog language and also socialization I am proud to say I learned from one of the greats! I also had the pleasure while at BK9C to work with many different dog breeds ranging from a 200lb Bullmastiff to the tiniest Applehead Chihuahua!

 In 2016 I decided to go out on my own and open up my own dog walking business! Over these past years I have met some AMAZING dogs on the way and people! They have helped show me so much more than I ever could have imagined! 

 Then in 2024 I decided to take a step back and go on to a second love of my life! Horticulture! I am still working with dogs as I could never fully step away from my furry friends but instead am open only one day a week doing group hikes!


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